10 Forgotten Lands Submerged By The Ocean

Millions of years ago, the world was one big continent. Over time, the supercontinent of Pangaea broke up into smaller continents, which then also broke into smaller continents. Today, we’re all familiar with the arrangement of the Earth’s parts—at least, when it comes to the lands above the surface of the ocean.

10. New Moore/South Talpatti

Called New Moore Island in India and South Talpatti Island in Bangladesh, this tiny rock in the Bay of Bengal quickly became a bone of contention after it surfaced following the Bhola Cyclone of 1971. Located near the mouth of the Hariabhanga River, which separates Bangladesh and India, the new landmass was claimed by both countries.

With neither country willing to give up the potentially oil-rich island, a diplomatic row soon broke out. Indian Coast Guard vessels frequently visited to plant their flag on the island, with the Bangladeshis usually removing it as soon as they left. Eventually, India’s Border Security Force were actually deployed to the island.

So it probably came as something of a surprise to both countries when the island they were fighting over sank again in 2010.

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