10 More Terrifying Places

9. Highgate Cemetery London, England

In Victorian times, this was the place to be when you bit the dust. This necropolis was highly fashionable in its time, but sadly, since then, it has crumbled and deteriorated since its neglect due to World War II. The cemetery became a creepy, desolate place, complete with dead trees and twisting ivy. Many stories cropped up during this creepy and dark time in the cemetery’s history. Perhaps this is due to the fact that unsavory and unnatural characters love places such as this. Many ghosts and apparitions call this burial ground home, along with a vampire, a man in a top hat, a cloaked figured and a gray, haggard old woman. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to hear the bells ringing in the disused chapel. Thankfully, an organization known as The Friends of Highgate Cemetery is making progress with repairs and restoration of the historic location.

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