10 Self-Proclaimed Holy Men Whose Miracles Went Horribly Wrong

Sometimes, the most gullible person in a cult is its leader. When a man sweeps a whole crowd up in the idea that God has declared him His prophet and blessed him divine powers, it’s not always because he’s a con man. Some of these people just genuinely believe they have magical powers.

And that’s when it can be really dangerous. Because when they put those powers to the test, it can lead to absolute disaster.

10. The Prophet Who Slit A Man’s Throat And Promised To Bring Him Back To Life

In 2014, Muhammad Sabir convinced a whole crowd of followers in Pakistan that he was a prophet of God with miraculous powers. He got them to believe that he had power over death—and he was so persuasive that he even convinced himself.

So, when he asked for someone in his congregation to experience death and rebirth, his follower, Muhammad Niaz, was only too eager to volunteer. While a whole crowd watched, Niaz let Sabir tie him down to a table. Then Sabir slit Niaz’s throat.

Sabir chanted the sacred words while the crowd watched with bated breath, waiting to see Niaz spring back to life. Finally, Sabir commanded him to rise, and nothing happened. For a long moment, everyone watched, trying to understand what was happening. Then Sabir, who apparently clicked in that he didn’t really have magic powers, turned around and started running as fast he could.

An angry mob ran Sabir down and handed him over to the police, who arrested him for murder. But somehow, Niaz’s family’s faith in Sabir remains unshaken. “Why should I mourn when I know that my brother is in heaven?” Niaz’s sister has said. “He will be rewarded for his services for the spiritual leader in the afterlife.”

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