10 Unexpected Supernatural Spins On Conspiracy Lore

In the world of conspiracy theories, there are many recurring themes that are spun in different ways, depending on the worldview of the believer. A political event or natural disaster can be interpreted and explained differently, depending on the religious and political persuasion of the theorist, and be blamed on the Freemasons, Zionists, CIA, Satan, Iblis, or shape-changing Alpha Draconian reptiles.

Sometimes, this means that ostensibly prosaic conspiracy theories transform from sinister political skulduggery into wild supernatural intrigues.

10.The Men In Black Are Tibetan Monks

Tales of the mysterious Men in Black who silence UFO witnesses and abductees are frequently compared to medieval legends of vampires and demonic visitors, but others see an Eastern connection. Indeed, ufologist John Keel reported that Men in Black were often alleged to have “angular, Oriental-like faces,” and one such man who reportedly visited Malcolm X in prison was also supposedly of Asian extraction.

Therefore, rather than aliens poorly masquerading as humans, some connect the “Men in Black” phenomenon with an ancient conspiracy group known as the Black Lodge, who seek to keep humanity lost in a materialistic haze and prevent their spiritual evolution. They are said to be opposed by the Great White Brotherhood, a dubiously named organization said to be guided by benevolent intelligence from the Sirius star system.

The Black Lodge is said to have been powerful in ancient Tibet, with great command of occult wisdom and ancient secrets, and to have infiltrated the West in the 18th century using pseudo-Masonic groups as cover. Both the Great White Brotherhood and the Black Lodge were weakened by British policies in India, but the Black Lodge flourished within growing European interest in the occult. The Black Lodge is said to have established a colony in Berlin in 1926, with one monk, called “the man with the green gloves,” being a key influence in the rise of Hitler and Nazi occultism.

Allegedly, the Eastern Black Lodge’s operations were disrupted in the early 1950s when the Chinese Communists invaded Tibet, and the People’s Liberation Army destroyed the cavern retreats of Schamballah and Agarthi in the name of atheistic Marxism. According to this theory, today’s ufology mythos is actually a misinterpretation of an occult war between the Brotherhood and the Tibetan sorcerers of the Black Lodge.

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