10 Unsolved Mysteries That Have Finally Been Cracked

We’ve covered more than a few unsolved mysteries at Listverse. There’s an exhilaration in trying to piece together clues that have eluded detectives over the years. Some of the unsolved mysteries that puzzled us a few years ago aren’t mysteries anymore. Today, we’re going to revisit those mysteries and find out how the pieces came together when they were solved.

10. Lori Ruff’s True Identity

In 2004, Blake Ruff married the love of his life, a woman he thought was named Lori Kennedy. Lori was a private person who refused to speak about her past, and most who knew her accepted her silence as part of who she was. When Lori committed suicide in 2010, the Ruff family found a box that revealed a whole other story: Since 1988, she’d been living under a fake identity stolen from a dead girl.

After Lori’s story became legend, Colleen Fitzpatrick, a genetic genealogist, signed up to help solve the case and led police to the Cassidy family. The Cassidys had a daughter named Kimberly McLean who ran away from home in 1986, furious over her parents’ divorce. When police brought Lori’s picture to a family member, she cried out, “My God, that’s Kimberly!”

A DNA match confirmed that Kimberly McLean was Lori Ruff. The discovery was bittersweet; her mother had finally found her missing daughter, but she would never get to see her alive again.

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