10 Unsolved Mysteries That Have Finally Been Cracked

8. Benjaman Kyle Learns His Real Name

In 2004, a man in his fifties was found lying naked between two dumpsters behind a Burger King in Georgia. He had been hit three times in the head, and he couldn’t remember his own name. He picked up the nickname “BK” and fleshed it out to “Benjaman Kyle.” Benjaman lived out the next decade of his life with no clue who he really was.

CeCe Moore, a genetic genealogist, took the job of tracking Benjaman’s past down, and she found that he’d been missing for a lot longer than ten years. He ran away from his parents in 1976 and hadn’t spoken to them since.

Benjaman’s real name hasn’t been revealed because he wants to keep his privacy. He has, however, reunited with his family, which, ironically, might never have happened if he’d never gotten amnesia.

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