10 Women Who Took Serious Revenge

9. Sonnet Ehlers

While not a direct victim herself, Sonnet Ehlers invented the Rape-aXe after working with rape victims at the South African Blood Transfusion Service. Rapists beware: this thing will mess your junk up. The device is worn by the woman like a female condom and upon unwanted insertion of a penis, causes sharp, teeth-like barbs to become imbedded into the member.

Not only is this excruciatingly painful; the device can only then be removed surgically. So not only are the rapist’s genitals effectively mutilated, but everyone at the hospital will know exactly what he did. The device has been so heavily criticized that the it was never even sold or marketed to the public. So, while there was no actual “revenge” inflicted here, perse, I thought it deserved a mention as the device was intended to send a very clear message. I find it sick that there was a need for it to be invented in the first place.

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