Top 10 Bizarre Uses Of Blood

Blood is an inevitable product of animal slaughter. Throughout thousands of years of eating meat, humans have found many uses for it. Unfortunately, modern people are more squeamish than ancient people, limiting use of blood. This squeamishness must be overcome if people are to apply blood’s many uses to solve the world’s problems. Maybe those vampires were on to something.

10. Egg Substitute

Historically, animals were killed only rarely. Nothing went to waste. Even blood found use as a thickener in soups and sauces, a role more typically played by eggs. This is possible because eggs and blood are similar in chemical makeup, particularly in their having albumin.

Even in modern times, blood still has use as an egg substitute. In World War II, Germans used blood plasma instead of eggs for many foods. Even coq au vin, a dish Julia Child often made on her cooking show, traditionally used rooster blood as a thickener.

Eggs are often the most expensive part of baked goods. Spray-dried plasma protein concentrates are one-third the cost of spray-dried egg whites. Depending on the type of cake and animal, blood plasma can fully or only partly replace egg ingredients.

Blood albumin coagulates at a lower temperature than eggs, so less heat and thus less time is required to cook it. Blood has the obvious disadvantage of its coppery taste, but the taste can be covered by pairing it with a strong flavor from herbs and spices.

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