Top 10 Enduring Conspiracy Theories About Tragic Events

Some conspiracy theories never die. Despite proven facts to the contrary, certain people choose to believe that something sinister must be behind the world’s most tragic events. On this list are examples of lasting conspiracy theories about infamous tragedies in history and modern times.

10. The Titanic Never Sank

The story of the Titanic needs no introduction. The famous ship sank 105 years ago, and since then, movies, songs, and plays have continued to keep the tragedy alive. Conspiracy theories about the sinking are also thriving, including a persistent one that states the Titanic never actually sank.

According to this theory, the Titanic was swapped with her sister ship, the Olympic, in an elaborate insurance scam devised by J.P. Morgan, the owner of White Star. The Olympic was involved in two accidents at sea just months after it was launched in 1911. The ship allegedly suffered almost irreparable damage, which would have meant financial ruin for White Star. (The company was already in financial trouble.)

Therefore, the theory goes, the Titanic and the Olympic were swapped, leading to the Olympic sinking in a “staged” accident. Meanwhile, the Titaniccarried on under the name Olympic.

Author Robin Gardiner explored this theory in his 1998 book, Titanic: The Ship That Never Sank? He wrote that the Olympic was photographed as having 16 portholes and the Titanic as having 14. However, when the Titanic sailed on its maiden voyage, it also had 16 portholes. Gardiner also wrote that there were rumors among laborers of the insurance scam, leading them to refuse job offers aboard the Titanic.

Further “evidence” of the conspiracy is presented in the form of several high-profile passengers canceling their trips on the Titanic mere days before the voyage. Those lucky passengers included J.P. Morgan himself.

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