Top 10 Enduring Conspiracy Theories About Tragic Events

9. UFO Prevented Blast At Chernobyl

In April 1986, a safety test at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant went disastrously wrong. It led to a massive steam explosion and open-air graphite “fire” that spread quickly throughout the machine shop and headed for the third generating unit. The capacity of the generating unit was slowly decreased. Eventually, the emergency cooling system was shut down to try to stop the reactor.

However, an energy control officer did not allow the fourth generator to be stopped. So it was completely destroyed by the extremely hot steam. It was fortunate that the fourth generator did not explode as it contained around 180 tons of enriched uranium. Had it exploded, it would have blasted away half of Europe.

Two years after the disaster, a conspiracy theory started making the rounds about what may have prevented the fourth generator from exploding. People came forward to say that they had seen a UFO hovering over the unit for at least six hours. During that time, it managed to reduce the radiation level four times. These eyewitnesses believe that the UFO was the only reason the generator was destroyed by a thermal blast instead of an explosion.

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