Top 10 Festivals For UFO And Alien Lovers

Wacky as it may seem to some, there could be other forms of life out there. All around the world, people from various nations believe in aliens, and there are frequent sightings to further convince us that aliens could exist. Here, we have narrowed down a list of 10 out-of-this-world festivals that take place internationally each year for Martian maniacs.

10. Roswell UFO Festival Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell, New Mexico, boasts of being the “UFO capital of the world” and for good reason. An unusual 1947 crash caused a local rancher, Mac Brazel, to find pieces of debris on his property. Unable to identify the materials, Brazel contacted the local sheriff. Soon, soldiers from the nearby air force base came to quickly collect the materials.

The air force claimed that the debris came from testing dummies to determine what happens to pilots when they fall from planes. Later, the US government explained that the crash was part of a highly classified atomic espionage project.

So, what really happened?

Some continued to be suspicious, and there are many skeptics who believe to this day that a flying saucer caused the crash. Held from late June to early July and spanning four days, the annual Roswell, New Mexico, UFO Festival attracts thousands of people each year.

A long list of activities in the Roswell festival includes a planetarium, an “Alien Chase” 5-kilometer (3 mi) or 10-kilometer (6 mi) walk/run, a costume contest, a light parade, and a window-decorating contest. A passport is even offered, which allows guests to receive stamps throughout the festival to collect a bag of goodies and collectibles.

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