Top 10 Festivals For UFO And Alien Lovers

8. Alien Festival Capilla Del Monte, Argentina

Capilla del Monte—a town 800 kilometers (500 mi) northwest of Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires—attracts several thousand visitors from around the globe for an experience that is out of this world. The residents of Capilla del Monte started becoming believers in other forms of life when a circle of burned grass was discovered next to a local hill in 1986.

Many have also reported UFO sightings, and it has become a typical occurrence in the area. Visitors to the festival will climb the 2,000-meter (6,500 ft) hill, known as Uritorco Hill, to investigate the energy fields and a supposed portal to another world. (The view isn’t so bad, either.)

Though most of the locals are said to have experienced UFO activity and are serious about the phenomena they’ve encountered, the Argentine festival celebrates anything otherworldly, such as Star Wars, E.T., and your stereotypical little green aliens.

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