Top 10 Hoarders Who Were Killed By Their Own Hoard

Hoarding is an increasing problem in today’s society. Media such as TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive and news outlets have brought its reality to public. Hoarding can increase the risk to both public health and safety. Some hoarding homes exude unhealthy amounts of trash and vermin, while others are giant tinderboxes. Some hoarders have sought help and partially resolved their problem, seeking to live normally. But what happens when they don’t? Here are ten people who were killed by their own hoard

10. Alcabre Man

Hoarding has been tied to several disorders, such as Diogenes syndrome or obsessive-compulsive disorder. These ailments can cause the sufferer to compulsively collect things and neglect themselves and their surroundings. Hoarding has been seen in many countries and in many different people.

In Alcabre, Spain, a 51-year-old man was found dead in 2016, after having been crushed by garbage in his home. He was a compulsive hoarder. A friend contacted police after the man hadn’t been heard from for a few days. His home was filled with piles of trash. Some of these piles were so high that one collapsed and crushed the man against a door. The amount of garbage was so great that authorities had difficulty entering the home to retrieve the body.

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