Top 10 Mystifying Mountains

Used loosely, “mountain” may refer to any large pile, and a few of the mountains mentioned here aren’t exactly natural elevations of their planet’s surface. However, they are massive, and they’re either astonishing or mysterious. Here are ten mystifying mountains.

10. Brown Mountain

After spending years hoping, to no avail, to see the mysterious lights rumored to flit about Brown Mountain in North Carolina, Appalachian State University physics professor Dr. Daniel Caton was about to call it quits for good. Then, on July 17, 2016, he spied an orb streaking over the mountain ridge. It vanished, reappeared, vanished again, and reappeared a second time.

He checked both cameras recording the phenomenon to make sure that each had filmed the orb’s strange behavior. If they hadn’t, he’d have attributed the light to a lens flare, but both cameras captured the same images. While he could rule out lens flares, he could find no explanation for the mysterious orb, and the Brown Mountain lights remain mysterious to this day.

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