Top 10 Treasure Hunters Who Met An Untimely Fate

Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, but the thought of stumbling upon buried treasure is seductive to everyone. There are far more people attempting to find treasure than there are success stories. That fact doesn’t stop thousands of people from trying to beat the odds.

Many return home empty-handed. Unfortunately, some people never come back. The causes of these deaths and disappearances range from disease and starvation to mysteries that have yet to be solved. Could these mysterious deaths have been murder, or as some believe, could something supernatural have been afoot?

10. Willie And Frank McLeod

The Naha tribe were the indigenous people who lived in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Once European settlers started showing up to hunt for gold, the Naha mysteriously disappeared.

In 1908, brothers Willie and Frank McLeod went on a trip to mine for gold in what is now known as Nahanni National Park, which was named after the Naha tribe. After the McLeods had been gone for two years, people began to believe that the brothers had actually struck it rich and decided to start a new life somewhere else.[1]

Their uncle, Charlie McLeod, was worried because they never wrote home. When he finally went to look for them, he came upon the skeletons of Willie and Frank lying next to a creek where they had set up camp. They were in their sleeping bags, but their heads were missing.

They had written a message that said, “We have found a fine prospect.” None of their valuables were taken. Since that day, the location has been known as Headless Creek in Deadmen Valley.

9. Phil Powers

Multiple men began to go missing or die in Deadmen Valley following the decapitation of the McLeod brothers. Many people began to say that the valley was cursed, haunted, or filled with members of the Naha tribe who were waiting to kill Europeans who entered their territory. Those rumors clearly didn’t stop some people from continuing the search for gold. In 1931, a fur trapper named Phil Powers decided to try his luck at striking it rich.

Since he was a professional fur trapper, he surely felt confident in his ability to hunt and survive in the wilderness. Perhaps he believed that other men had died from lack of survival training and that his skills at living outdoors would be enough to find the gold mines and make him a rich man.

Phil never returned from his trip, so the police were called. His cabin had been burned to the ground. Phil’s skeleton was lying on the ground outside the cabin. His gun was found a few feet away as if tossed to the side. All six bullets had apparently been fired at whoever or whatever had killed him.[2]

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